Frugal Diapering: Other Uses for Diapers

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Monday, December 21, 2020 | 1 comments
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Image: Personal Creations | Baby Shower Diaper Cake

When your baby outgrows the need for diapers, and you still have disposables left or cloth still in decent condition, what do you do with them?

1. Make a heating pad
-- Soothe your aching neck. Or, for that matter, your aching back or shoulder. Use a disposable diaper's high level of absorbency to your advantage by creating a soft, pliant heating pad. Moisten a disposable diaper and place it in the microwave on medium-high setting for about 2 minutes. Make sure it's not too hot for comfort, then apply to your achy part.

2. Keep a plant watered longer
-- Before potting a plant, place a clean disposable diaper in the bottom of the flowerpot -- absorbent side up. It will absorb water which would otherwise drain out the bottom and will keep the plant from drying out too fast. You'll also cut back on how often you have to water the plant.

3. Pad a package
-- You want to mail your friend that lovely piece of china you know she will love. But you don't have any protective wrapping on hand. If you have disposable diapers, wrap the item in the diapers or insert them as padding before sealing the box. Diapers cost more than regular protective packaging wrap, but at least you will have gotten the package out today, and you can be assured your gift will arrive in one piece.

4. Protect an Injury
-- I once used a cloth prefold diaper to wrap up and protect a gaping wound till we got to the hospital.

5. More Uses
-- Flat and prefold diapers can be used as sunscreens, burp cloths, thin blankets, nursing cover-up, pot holders, Swiffer pads, dust rags, reuseable paper towels, window cleaners, face washies for after meals, traveling diaper changing pads, reusable travel washies, bibs, to wash the car, and so much more!

Wilton Diaper Cake Kit
And of course, there is always the diaper shower cake or diaper wreaths - there are patterns for both cloth and disposable diapers.

6. Cloth Diapering Fun and Printables
-- Diaper Quiz, Diaper Slime, Cloth Diaper Printables, Cloth Diaper Memes, Fluffy Bum on Board Clear Sticker, Diaper Friendly party, Funny Things Cloth-Diapering Moms Do, Baby's First Diaper Change, Cloth Diaper Cake Tutorial, Types of Diaper Loads, Diaper Quotes, Cloth Diaper Rap Song, Printable Cloth Diapering Cards, Cloth Diaper Charity Directory, Real Diaper Association Coloring Book, Celebrities Use Cloth Diapers, Unusual Uses for Disposable Diapers, Things You Should NEVER Ever Do to Cloth Diapers, and Make Diaper Changes Fun!

Make Other things into Diapers

👶 Make receiving blankets into new diapers
-- Too many receiving blankets? Make a couple dozen of them into great prefold diapers.

👶 More Free Diapers Sewing Projects

👶 Free Cloth Diaper Patterns
-- Free cloth diaper pattern links for everything you need to cloth diaper your child.

More cloth diaper ideas:

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And here's one more use for diapers...

Thanks to Catherine for this Frugal Baby Tip!

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