Image: Dressing Everett by Joe Shlabotnik, on Flickr
When old cloth diapers, receiving blankets, or terrycloth towels wear out; cut them into squares and serge or sew around the sides. Or just buy some inexpensive washcloths!

Photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik, on Flickr
Some rights reserved

Then put them in a Tupperware container or old wipes tub or a ChangePal.

Add a recipe of home-made baby wipe solution.

Image: ChangePal (Pink)-3-in-1 Case for Diapers/Wipes/Ointment - Portable-fits in diaper bags, totes, strollers, vehicles, baby stations, and holds 1-2 day supply of baby changing items

You will have reusable wipes that are super soft, and last forever.

- Baby Wipes Recipe -

• 1 1/2 - 2 cups distilled water
• 1/4 cup Aloe Vera gel
• 1/8 to 1/4 cup olive oil (use extra virgin so there are no chemicals)
• 2 tsp. Baby Shampoo
• 2-3 drops Tea Tree oil or Calendula oil (optional)
• 2-3 drops Lavender oil (discourages molds)

Mix this solution together, use to wet your recycled wipes

Thanks to Maggie Atkinson for this Frugal Baby Tip!

Image: Ouch by joshuallen, on Flickr
I haven't had to try it myself, but a lot of people swear that smearing an antacid like Maalox on your baby's diaper-rashed bum will help clear it up.

Image: Maalox Advanced Regular Strength Antacid ~ Mint Flavored Liquid ~ 5oz

It will fight the acidity of urine hurting the rash. It makes sense to me!

Thanks to Jennifer Ward for this Frugal Baby Tip!

Picture Caption: Cashen had a bit of a diaper rash this weekend and was not too happy about it.

Photo credit: Ouch by joshuallen, on Flickr
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Image: King of the Kitchen [36/365] by Gabriella Corrado, on FlickrWhen the boys were little, we didn't have any door handles on our lower kitchen cabinets.

I just hooked a bungee cord from the door at one end, across the front of all the cabinet doors, to the door at the other end.

My son couldn't get in!

Thanks to Betsy for this Frugal Baby Tip!

Photo credit: Gabriella Corrado on Flickr
Some rights reserved

NOTE: Some children might still be able to undo these cords, and they could snap back - so it is always best to monitor your child, do not leave them alone in the kitchen.

Image: Keeper 06051 10 inch Bungee Cord - Pack of 4 - Maximum tensioning with minimum forceImage: Mommy's Helper Safe-Lok Cabinet Door and Drawer Lock - Prevents cabinets and drawers from reclosing on little fingers

Shopping Suggestions:
Keeper 10" Bungee Cord
Highland Fat Strap Bungee Cord Assortment
Safety 1st Prograde Cabinet Lock
Mommy's Helper Safe-Lok Cabinet Door and Drawer Lock

Image: Family bed by Begababy on PhotobucketWe sleep all together in a family bed.

I have always just folded up a flannel receiving blanket in fourths and put it under baby.....

When they got older and were potty training... I put the rubberized crib sheet under their portion of the sheet and cover that with the folded up blankie.

Makes the leaks less devastating to the night.

Plus... remember I have had waaaaaaaaaay more leaks with disposable diapers than with cloth...

In fact, that is when I started using this blankie thing was when I was using disposable dipes.

Thanks to Elke for this Frugal Baby Tip!

Photo credit: Family Bed, by Begababy on Photobucket
All Rights Reserved

Image: Pecho y lectura. Photo Credit: Daniel Lobo (Daquella manera) on Flickr
I used Dr. Jack Newman's recipe for the homemade version of All Purpose Nipple Ointment, which one of the labor and delivery nurses gave to me after she saw all the blisters.

Take equal parts Polysporin, Lotrimin, and Cortisone.

Mix in small batches and use after anywhere from 4 to all feedings in a day, remix every 3 to 4 days.

The Polysporin has to be brand name but the others can be generic.

It was a lifesaver and no need to find a compounding pharmacist to mix it.

Thanks to Emily for this Frugal Baby Tip!

Photo credit: Pecho y lectura, by Daniel Lobo (Daquella manera) on Flickr
Some rights reserved

Image: Cortizone 10 Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Creme - Calms, Nourishes and Hydrates Problem SkinImage: Polysporin Ointment - Bacitracin Zinc/Polymyxin B Sulfate - Helps prevent infection in minor cuts, scrapes and burns
Shopping Suggestions:
Polysporin Ointment
Lotrimin AF Antifungal Cream
Cortizone Anti-Itch Creme

I also am a crocheter, but no knitter. I haven't found a whole lot of patterns but have found a few, and I'm working on creating one myself. A good place to go is - a free site for knitters and crocheters.

I just found this site last week and I'm completely in love with it! The wool soaker group on Yahoo also has a few good patterns.

Here are a few others I found...

Image: Little Fire Crochet Soaker Pants
Little Fire Crochet Soaker Pants

-- The first one is super easy!
This pattern is written in four sizes

Click for pattern: Little Fire Crochet Soaker Pants

Image: Tickle Turdle Wool WrapsTickle Turdle Wool Wraps

- allows you to select the closure method you prefer. A Snappi works great! So do diaper pins!

Click for pattern: Tickle Turdle Wool Wrap

Image: Rolled Edge Wool SoakersRolled Edge Wool Soakers

- Crochet it, put it on your baby and adore how cute it looks!

Click for pattern: Rolled Edge Wool Soakers Pattern - archived on the Wayback Machine

Thanks to Jennostlund for this Frugal Baby Tip!

Image: Lion Brand Yarn Wool-Ease Thick and Quick Yarn - Perfect for extra warm sweaters, jackets, vests, slippers and hats; It's an ideal beginner yarnImage: Boye Aluminum Crochet Hook Set - feature optimally smooth throats and rounded heads for most precise, professional-looking work
Shopping Suggestions:
Patons Classic Wool Yarn
Lion Brand Yarn Wool-Ease Thick and Quick Yarn
Susan Bates Luxite Plastic Crochet Hook Set
Boye Aluminum Crochet Hook Set

Image: Jolly Jumper Soft Straps Carseat Strap Covers Soft Sherpa - Reversible, soft plush strap covers prevent uncomfortable car seat straps from chaffing your baby's skin.Protect your baby's tender cheeks from rough shoulder strap webbing in strollers and car seats, with these easy-to-make covers.

Just cut two 5" (13cm ) squares for a baby under 6 months from quilted fabric, acrylic fleece or Sherpa fabric. For an older child cut a 5" by 8" (13cm by 20 cm) rectangle.

Bind with bias tape, or serge around all edges.

Sew a strip of hook Velcro® down one edge, and loop Velcro® on the opposite edge (and side) of fabric.

Photo credit:
All rights reservedImage: Velcro placement on fabric

Or hammer-in a row of three snaps.

Fold one cover over each shoulder strap, and fasten Velcro® or snaps.

Thanks to Catherine for this Frugal Baby Tip!

Drawing credit: Catherine McDiarmid-Watt
All rights reserved

Shalan Bate posted: As a certified child restraint safety tech: I highly advise against putting aftermarket covers on your car seat.

1. It could interfere with harness during an accident,
2. it is not even tested with the seat. So no idea how it would work in a collision.

Most seats come with covers, but if you find the harness is bother the neck, best bet to do is snug the shirt up some so it is between neck and straps.

Image: Jeep Strap Covers- The strap covers can be used on any harness strap - perfect for car seats, strollers and moreImage: Sesame Street Elmo Seat Belt Covers - Prevents chafing and rubbing
Shopping Suggestions:
Very Baby-Sherpa Fabric
Wright Products: Double Fold Bias Tape
Velcro Brand Soft and Flexible Sew-On Tape
Dritz Heavy Duty Snaps
Jeep Strap Covers
Sesame Street Elmo Seat Belt Covers
Jolly Jumper Soft Straps Carseat Strap Covers

Image: Adjustable Bed Sheet Grippers Cover Suspenders (Set of 4)I spied some sheet straps in the Dollar store and put them to Frugal Baby use!

I keep several in our diaper bag...

 • to use with restaurant napkins to make an emergency bib

 • to hold a receiving blanket in place over a stroller or carseat

 • to clip mittens to their coat sleeves.

 • to clip boots and shoes to their pants or snow pants for non-walkers.

 • under the foot, clipped to each pant leg, to keep their legs covered.

 • I use another one to use to keep baby's shirt tucked in, fastening the shirt at front and back over a diaper.

Thanks to Cathy for this Frugal Baby Tip!

Photo credit:
All Rights Reserved

Image: Cupboards are Awesome!!!Entertain baby in the kitchen by filling the bottom drawer in the kitchen with safe plastic aluminum/steel, or wooden kitchen items.

Such as... bowls and containers with lids, tools like whisks, spatulas, wooden spoons, pot lids and other safe kitchen things.

Baby will love to open and close this special drawer, taking the things out and putting them back in.

It may even give you some time to get your kitchen work done!

Thanks to Caroline for this Frugal Baby Tip!

Photo credit: Cupboards are Awesome, by Amber Lynn Lane (amberlynnlane) on Flickr
Some rights reserved

Image: Totally Bamboo 5-Piece Utensil Set - includes a Turner, Slotted Spatula, Spoon, Slotted Spoon and a Single Hole Mixing SpoonImage: Chef Buddy 6-Piece Kitchen Utensil Set on Ring - Slotted spoon, pasta fork, ladle, strainer spoon, pasta fork, ladle, strainer spoon

Shopping Suggestions:
Totally Bamboo 5-Piece Utensil Set
Chef Buddy Kitchen Utensil Set on Ring
Vollrath Company Mixing Bowl, 0.75 QT
Tupperware Little Wonders Snack Cup Lunch Set

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