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I have a great recipe for wipe solution.

I cut my own reusable baby wipes out of fleece fabric.

No sewing needed!

This recipe make a good mommy wipe solution as well.

Image: Burt's Bees Baby Bee Apricot Nourishing Baby Oil, 4-Ounce Bottles - The Apricot oil is infused with grape seed, olive and avocado oils to create a rich, natural treat for precious skin. Added vitamin E and lanolin to help keep baby's skin fresh, soft and smooth
Burt's Bees Baby Bee Apricot Nourishing Baby Oil

Diaper Wipes Ingredients:

• 2 tbsp Baby Bee's Apricot Oil
• 2 tbsp Baby Wash
• 1 tsp vinegar (to cut the yeasties)
per 8 oz of distilled water

Thanks to Melanie for this Frugal Baby Tip!

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Recycle your 1 litre and 4 litre (quart and gallon) plastic bottles - into sand toys!

Clean them out well, and using a craft knife - cut your 4 litre (gallon) bottle all around about 15 cm (6") from the bottom.

Poke a couple of holes on opposite sides near the top - attach a short rope handle and you have your sand pail.

The remaining piece becomes your funnel.

You can cut another 4 litre (gallon) bottle about 5 cm (2") high and poke the bottom full of holes for a sieve.

Image: Cut the bottom off your 1 litre (quart) bottle. Then cut a long U-shaped scoop, sloping your cut up along the sides
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Cut the bottom off your 1 litre (quart) bottle. Then cut a long U-shaped scoop, sloping your cut up along the sides.

If your bottle comes with a handle, make sure the handle ends up on the top side of the scoop. This becomes your shovel.

The best part of these toys is - if they get left behind at the beach, you can always make another set!

Thanks to Catherine for this Frugal Baby Tip!

Image: Chefs Quality Distilled White Vinegar - 1 jug, 1 gallon
Shopping Suggestions:
Tajima Precision Craft Slide Lock Snap-Blade Knife
Chef's Quality Distilled White Vinegar - 1 gallon jug
Aztec Tool Sand Toy Set
Aztec Bucket Sand Toy Set

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Summer's coming! Kids whining about their itchy bug bites?

Here's some relief for both of you!

Find a small roll-on or sponge dabber type of bottle. Or even a small spray bottle.

Clean out the bottle very well.

If you don't have anything suitable around the house, you can find stamp moistener sponge bottles at an office supplies or dollar store for around $1.00-$2.00.

Image: antiperspirantbottles by How can I recycle this, on Flickr
Photo credit: Antiperspirant bottles, by How can I recycle this
Fill the bottle with vinegar, and simply roll or dab onto the bug bites. Instant relief!

You could also just dab it on straight from the vinegar bottle, but the best part of using a roll-on or dab-on bottle is that the kids can use it themselves - whenever their bites start to itch again!

If you don't like the vinegar smell - this next tip will take a bit longer.

Soak the left-over peels from a couple of oranges (or lemons, clementines, tangerines, limes) in vinegar for two weeks in a sealed 16 ounce mason jar.

After two weeks, pour the vinegar into your roll-on bottle and apply this yummy smelling bug bite relief!

Thanks to Cathy for this Frugal Baby Tip!

Image: Dauber Top Applicator 2ozShopping Suggestions:
Heinz White Vinegar Distilled
Dauber Top Applicator
Universal Squeeze Bottle Moistener
Fantasea Fine Mist Spray Bottle

Image: Disana 100% Boiled Merino Wool Diaper/Cover Made in Germany
Disana Merino Wool Diaper
Delirose asked: Is there a free pattern for making a recycled wool wrap?

I would love to make a few of these for the new baby and would prefer a ready made pattern/directions instead of having to figure it out all on my own.

Any links to suggest?

Amberlina: Try the The Sewing Dork pattern. She tells you how to do different steps, so you can take what you need from it, and it is really easy to understand.

Wheezy: There's a free Upcycled Wool Wrap. It will work well with recycled wool sweaters.

Mamatomax: Here ya go: How To Sew a Wool Wrap

More Patterns:

Sew a Wool Diaper Cover

Wool Diaper Wrap

My Favorite Everyday Wool Diaper Cover

Thanks to DeliRose for this Frugal Baby Tip!

Image: 1937 photo Folding diapers Vintage Black and White Photograph
1937 photo Folding diapers
My grandfather took my grandmother up into the wilderness of northern B.C. - panning for gold - in the early thirties.

My father was just an infant and his older brother only 2-3 years old. They lived in a one-room log cabin.

My grandmother washed her home-made diapers in the huge pot over a outdoor fire, hauling water from the same stream as my grandfather was panning for gold.

My grandmother came from a very well-to-do British family - servants and all - I can't imagine how she coped...

I never did hear if my grandfather ever found any gold...

If you are sewing your own diapers, you only need to get some fabric and hem up or serge the sides to make some flat squares - 27"x27" - you'll need 9 yards of 36" wide fabric to make 12 diapers.

Or you can make rectangles, measuring 20"x40".

You can use gauze, terrycloth, flannelette or birdseye twill (which is what your mom probably used for her diapers). The gauze will dry the quickest, the terrycloth will take the longest.

Then you can go here for suggestions on how to fold them: The Ancient Art of Diaper Folding

There are also several patterns to make woolen soakers at: Down Under Diaper Cover Pattern and Make Your Own Baby Bum Sweaters Pattern

Thanks to Catherine for this Frugal Baby Tip!

Image: Fresh Baby So Easy Baby Food and Breast Milk Trays
Fresh Baby Baby Food/Breast Milk Trays
We were so broke after my daughter was born, that I read a book from the library called the Tightwad Gazette, and got a lot of earth-friendly, cheap ideas on running your house.

I think that's where I first considered actually washing the cloth diapers my kid was wearing (someone gave us 3 months of diaper service for a baby gift), making baby food ( less fillers and preservatives and cheaper!!!).

It turns out that a lot of the frugal things to do are very good for the environment.

And another book, the Mommy Made one I mentioned, even had good ideas for making and freezing the meats, and great tips on picky eaters and order of introducing foods.

Altho' it sound like most of our kids did fine, eating wise.

I spent a couple hours a week making foods, pureeing them, and freezing them in ice cube trays.

When I fed her, I just popped an ice cube or two of squash into a bowl and heated it.

Of course, she kinda transitioned into eating table food by about 11 months and I still sometimes find a cube or two of beans or chicken in the freezer when I'm hunting for something else! LOL!

I also saved a few baby food jars, and so when I'd go out, I found the food would melt to just about room temp by the time I needed it.

It worked well for my weekly MOMS group lunch at the park.

Thanks to Ness for this Frugal Baby Tip!

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Photo credit: Ooh, Soft, by Jenny Cu
Here is the recipe I use now:
2 1/2 cups warm water (distilled is best, but I'm lazy)
2 teaspoons castile soap or baby shampoo
1 tablespoon baby oil
2 drops tea tree oil
3-5 drops lavender oil

Here's another recipe:

2 1/2 cups warm water
2 teaspoons almond castile soap
1 tablespoon sweet almond oil
2 drops tea tree oil
2-3 drops ylang ylang

I think the Tea Tree oil is still necessary to keep in from getting funky.

Thanks to Julie for this Frugal Baby Tip!

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Photo credit: Double Ouch, by Tom Hammond
Wish you could afford pinless diapers, but all you can afford is prefolds?

Add some Velcro® to your diapers, for a great pinless fit! If your baby is already born, just fold your diapers to fit your baby, try one on for Velcro® placement.

Pin a 4"-6" (10 cm - 15.25 cm) strip of loop Velcro® across the front of the diaper, and 1"-2" (2.5 cm - 5 cm) strip of hook Velcro® on the top-inside of the diaper, coming round from baby's back, one strip on each side of waist.

Image: Sew on Velcro(r), by Christine Eclavea Mercer, on Flickr
Photo credit: Sew on Velcro®, by Christine Eclavea Mercer
Make sure this will hold the diaper on your baby snugly and securely, remove diaper from baby, and then sew the Velcro® in place. Use this diaper as a sample to mark the rest of your diapers.

If your baby isn't born yet, fold your diapers down about 1/3 and place your loop Velcro® across there. When baby outgrows this, you can simply un-stitch and move the Velcro® about 1"-2" (2.5 cm - 5 cm) above or, for longer use, add another strip of loop Velcro® that is 2"-4" (5 cm - 10 cm) longer above the first strip.

Thanks to Fiona for this Frugal Baby Tip!

Image: OsoCozy - Prefolds Unbleached Cloth Diapers |Soft, Absorbent and Durable 100% Indian Cotton Natural Diapers | Highest Quality | Best-Selling Cloth Diapers Sold OnlineShopping Suggestions:
Velcro® Brand Sew-On Tape
Cloth Diaper Prefolds
OsoCozy Prefold Diapers
Gerber Heavyweight Gauze Prefold
GroVia Prefold Cloth Diapers

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I want to share what happened to us on an outing the other day.

Hubby and I took our brood to town.

We went shopping at Walmart and Joann's fabrics and, needless to say, were out and about for a few hours and into dinner time.

We stopped to get something to eat, parked the van and picnicked.

Our toddler Nathaniel needed to be changed desperately, and when I got the diaper bag out I realized in my rush to get everything we needed for baby, I had forgotten to pack him a few diapers as well.

Image: Gerber 100% Cotton Receiving Blankets | soft and warm against baby's skin | Perfect for cuddling, burping and swaddling baby
Gerber 100% Cotton Receiving Blankets
He was soaked, REALLY needed to be changed, I mean he was so wet and had dumped an entire soda down his front as well...

What to do? What to do?


I had a few receiving blankets in the van and used a creative fold: THE HOBO DIAPER ...

We folded the one blanket into a big triangle, and the second blanket into a larger triangle, and cinched the whole thing at his waist in a knot .

Then we covered it with his nylon pull on pants.

He looked funny, but he was dry and happy.

He felt special too... didn't want to take his HOBO diaper off when we got home...

Thanks to Denise for this Frugal Baby Tip!

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