Frugal Tips: Let Sleeping Babies Lie - please...

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Friday, April 19, 2019 | 0 comments
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Image: Baby sleeping POV, by Robert Freiberger, on Flickr

You rock or nurse baby off to sleepy-time, but the minute you try to lay him or her down - the eyes snap open and the screams begin!

Oh, dear...

The reasons your baby often wakes when being laid down are:
• your baby was not completely asleep,
• the feel of the drop in height onto the bed,
• missing the motion, warmth and/or scent of your body.

Image: baby cryingBut what can you do?

Not Completely Asleep:
If you aren't sure if your baby is completely asleep, use the Limb Test.
Lift baby's arm or leg, and let it fall a (very) short distance.
If your baby doesn't react, then it is usually safe to lay baby down and creep away.

Feeling the Drop:
Place a small step stool next to baby's crib, step up and lean as far into the crib as you can, before laying baby down.
If you can reach in far enough to lean on the crib mattress with your elbow, that's perfect. The shorter the drop, the better. Then lay baby down gently.

Or wear baby in a sling, and use the sling to lower baby into the crib.
Once you know your baby is asleep, lift the sling over the crib rails, and slowly lower the baby down, unfasten sling and leave your baby to sleep with it.
The sling will carry your scent and some of your warmth.

If you use a family bed, simply lay down on your bed to nurse or cuddle baby to sleep, then quietly creep away once your baby is snoozing - making sure baby is safe before you leave.
Have a baby monitor nearby so you can return if your baby should start to whimper or move about.

Lack of Motion:
Wear baby in a sling to nurse or rock to sleep.
Then you can either leave your baby in the sling to nap or - making sure baby is completely asleep - slowly lower the baby, sling and all, onto the family bed or into the crib.

Image: cut pant legWarmth and/or Scent:
Make a rice bag out of the leg of an old pair of pants, and a pound (2 kg.) of rice.

Simply cut off one pant leg about 24-28 inches (38-46 cm).

Stitch closed one end of the cut-off pant leg, and pour in the rice.

Stitch the other end of the cut-off pant leg closed.

To use, place the rice bag inside the microwave and heat on HIGH for 1-2 minutes.

Or you can wrap it in tin foil, and place in a regular oven for 15-20 minutes at 350 degrees F. (Remove foil wrap before using)

Give the rice bag a good shake, and make sure it isn't too warm.

Image: t-shirtThen get a T-shirt (or any type of shirt) you have worn, but not yet washed. Wrap it around the rice bag. The rice bag will hold it's heat for about 30-40 minutes.

Before nursing or rocking your baby, place the rice bag in the crib or bed. It will warm up the bed nicely.

So when you remove the rice bag and lay baby down, he or she won't notice such a shift in temperature.

And that smelly t-shirt? The warmth of the rice bag fills the baby's crib with the wonderful scent of you.

If you use a family bed, the warm rice bag is great to tuck next to the baby, as you creep away.

This scent-filled bag will make baby think you are still near-by.

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