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Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Monday, April 21, 2008 | 0 comments
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Thanks to Amy for this Frugal Baby Tip!

I use diapers, myself! Years ago, when I made my first unsuccessful venture into cloth diapering, I bought several dozen of the Gerber birdseye diapers from K-Mart/Target or somewhere.

These diapers, to put it mildly, are worthless when it comes to my heavy-peeing kids! That's why I was unsuccessful back then. Now I use DSQ's, and they are MUCH better.

On to the menstrual pads, though. Last winter, I was frustrated with the discomfort of disposable pads. They always make me itch, they're hot, and they slip. So I figured I'd try a diaper. Since my toddler-size DSQ's are WAY too big for this purpose, I took one of my cheapie diapers, folded it up to the size of a pad, and pinned it inside my panties. Worked great! But I ended up with holes in my panties from the pins. So I just made sure my panties fit snugly, and did away with the pins. I had less slippage, less leakage, and more comfort than with disposables.

As for washing: the first cycle, I used a wet pail. BIG MISTAKE!!! By the end of the week, when it was time to wash the pads, they SMELLED!!!!! Took FIVE washes to get them clean, and at least three pounds of baking soda and lots of vinegar. So, the next cycle, I just tossed the used pads in a dry pail.

On wash day, I put them in the washer, set to cold, fill the machine, and agitate for ten minutes or so. Then let soak all night. In the morning, spin it out. Then set the machine to hot, add detergent and 1/2 c. baking soda. Run through the complete cycle. Then toss in the dryer. ALL DONE! I also use pink washcloths to cleanse myself during that time, and those go in the pail with the pads, and are washed together. I store everything in a basket in the bathroom closet, and when it's that time of the month, I just pull the basket out and keep it next to the toilet. The diaper pail is kept under the sink (this is a different pail than the one I use for diapers), within easy reach.

I investigated purchasing cloth pads, or making my own, but I've got so much to do as it is, and no money, so neither of those options was feasible. And now all those cheap diapers I had are being put to good use! Of course, right now they're all in storage in the basement - I'm pregnant, so don't need them!

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