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old canning pot to boil diapersThanks to Cindy for this Frugal Baby Tip!

I found this post on 1 Income Living. It gives directions for boiling diapers to help with diaper rash.

If your son's tush is breaking out, your diapers need a boiling.

Take a large canning pot and half fill with hot water, bring it to a boil, and add about 12 to 18 clean diapers depending on size of pot and 1/2 cup of vinegar. Boil diapers about 1/2 hour stirring regularly. You will see scum come out of the diapers from old detergent and such.

Drain well and wash in washer as usual. Dry cloth diapers outside if possible or on high heat in dryer. My son had a sensitive tush and this worked wonders. We did it about once a month or more often if bum was sore. My daughter only had problems with disposable diapers.

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felt Christmas decorations
Thanks to Catherine for this Frugal Baby Tip!

Our first Christmas with Jason, when he was 14 months old, I didn't have any tree ornaments, and didn't want to put up anything breakable. So I made him some felt decorations - Santa, teddy bear, tin solder, angel and Christmas trees - out of felt fabric. It didn't cost me much for the felt squares, and a bottle of glue. I made four of each type.
It was a good thing too, because Jason pulled the tree down on himself three times that year! But not one broken ornament.
And these decorations have lasted wonderfully - they are now 32 years old, and as you can see from my picture above, still going strong. I can't let them go, too much sentiment, but one day they will grace Jason's tree at his own home.
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Magic Christmas BearsThanks to Catherine for this Frugal Baby Tip!

Here's a simple holiday tradition of ours that might help keep your little ones happy during this busy season. We have 3 Magic Bears, one for each of my sons, that would appear in our house on December 1st. All through the holidays, these tiny teddy bears would move about, from place to place - but only if no-one was watching.

Sometimes the boys would try to catch the bears, but they never moved while the boys waited. Then, the minute the boys would wander off, the bears would run to a new hiding spot. Sometimes the bears would be easy to spot, and sometimes just a tiny ear would be poking out of their hiding space.

Whenever the boys would start getting too rowdy for inside play, or start to fight, I would call out, "Where are those bears now?" Off they would go, to hunt the bears down!

On Christmas morning , the bears could be found hanging on the Christmas tree, where they would stay for the rest of the holiday season.

NOTE: Our bears are simple teddy bear ornaments, you could use anything - angels, snowmen, sants clauses, etc.

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